Feedback Integration

Feedback and surveying processes are integral to communications for companies and organisations with a wide range of feedback providers and target groups. High response rates are not the only factor crucial to obtaining information from these kinds of processes; this also depends on reconciling different points of view when planning and carrying out a questionnaire or survey.

Flexibility on the survey medium used is important in obtaining high-quality data from responses. The Feedback Integration Platform facilitates survey processes based on bulk processing paper questionnaires as well as processing via online surveys, smartphone apps or hybrid approaches. Flexibility in analysing and formatting a questionnaire’s responses is also crucial to gaining valuable information from the data collected.

With the Feedback Integration Platform, quantitative statistical evaluations – such as PDF or Microsoft Excel-based reports – can be carried out in addition to qualitative analysis of feedback to open text items. Dynamic dashboards can be used for quick navigation in the data, allowing for real-time analysis and immediate reactions to survey results, such as negative customer evaluations, for example.

At Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH, we use the Feedback Integration Platform to provide you with proven, industry-specific software, while also developing customised solutions tailored to your requirements.

FI Platform
Standard solutions & individual flexibility

Combining the best of two worlds: on the one hand, we rely on our partners’ established standard software solutions to implement and integrate feedback management solutions in existing IT structures, but on the other, we use business-proven open source technology to leverage the vibrant innovation taking place in that community (which we also actively support). By individually compiling and combining these technologies with the software components, we develop in-house, we can provide tailor-made options for visualising even the most specialised requirements.

This integrative approach combines all the advantages of standard and customised software in the interests of best practice using tailor-made solutions.

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FI industry solutions
Benefit from experience – use best practices

Based on more than ten years’ experience in feedback management in cooperation with strong technology and knowledge partners, we have developed solutions to implement the requirements most frequently seen in individual sectors.

Our products’ modular structure means individual changes and modifications can be made quickly and efficiently in a way that can be budgeted for.

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